The logic of taxes when you're a freelancer
Compared to personal income, paying taxes as a freelancer could be very attractive. Why? You’ve opened the door to pay less, thanks to all the various schemes available. With
When should I move to the next country?
Practically, you can move when your documents are ready, but it’s best to prepare in advance to avoid double taxation. A little bit of planning can save you a
The logic behind personal income tax
Taxes. Everyone pays them, everyone tries to pay less of them. I will try to explain the logic behind personal income tax, as well as how and where you should
Dividends, Salary or a Sole trader?
As a freelancer you have to make a choice on how to sell your services, which consequently determines your tax liability. I’m fully aware in some countries and in
Tax model footnotes
Here are a few interesting facts about taxes that I’ve discovered while creating the tax models for over 30 countries, which are used on our website. Tax models differ

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