How does it work?

Enter your average freelance income to compare the amount of free-cash in all major European cities. Free-cash is the money you will have in your pocket after we deduct all mandatory tax, insurance, pension contributions and living costs from your income. Essentially, free-cash is your disposable income available to spend on a brand new phone, holidays or savings.

Our internal model will estimate your living cost based on a number of assumptions. For instance, we think as a single person you would rent a good one bedroom flat in a city centre, or a two bedroom flat with an office, a little further out, as a couple. We also take into consideration your basic entertainment costs - a couple of beers a week and the occasional taxi. Restaurants and nightlife? Absolutely, but not every night!

You can tweak your living costs to match your lifestyle by using an "adjust living cost" option. This will also allow you to add any additional expenses you might have, such as childcare or child maintenance. As a result, you receive an easy to read data that will allow you to estimate the quality of life based on your income, in a city of your choice.

What's inside?

We use four different models to estimate your taxes:

Sole trader. You're running your business as an individual with an unlimited responsibility

Private limited company. You are an owner and a managing director of the company that sells your service.

There are three different ways to pay yourself:

  • Dividends. A single payment made annually out of accumulated profits.

  • Salary. A fixed monthly income you pay yourself to cover your living expenses.

  • Salary + Dividends. A combination of a fixed monthly income with a bonus at the end of the year.

Help me move

Once you have chosen a country of preference, please fill in and send us the form on our website with your basic information, contact details and your current country of residence. We will then send you a detailed questionnaire which will be used to prepare the quotes and any required documents for your move. We will take care of all paperwork, from setting up a company to efficiently managing your taxes, to making sure your move goes as smoothly as possible.

What's next?

How long does it take to immigrate? This will depend on your country of choice and your current nationality. In some cases, You can buy a one-way ticket the same day you start using our services. At other times, once we prepare the documents, you will need to visit a consulate to apply for an entry visa.

As you settle in a new environment, we will take care of your accounting, fill out the tax returns and sort out any issues that might arise whilst living abroad.

In the years to follow we will extend your residence permit or help you move again. In case you chose to do accounting with us, we will estimate your living cost more efficiently and provide you with an even more effective model to handle your taxes.

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